Sunday, March 11, 2018

Guess what's happening to Roman? Can you guess?

Guess who just got his learners permit?

Ethan has a habit of taking my phone and snapping photos. Once we found a recording of himself talking to his (really Xander's) girlfriend Melissa. He sang all about hos he loved her, over and over, and that he didn't know what he was going to be for Halloween. 

Niko at his finest!

Ethan making pancakes! Another fun project at Grandma Smith's!

A memory of pants that Xander sewed all by himself, without a pattern. And of course they didn't fit.
Took this memory picture before we threw them away. We were packing to move to Utah.

Which one is Ethan?

Xander's 16th birthday, somewhat anti-climatic. His birthday was on Monday, the day before we loaded that moving truck to move to Utah, and the night of the annual Christmas Caroling Evening with Christene and Kevin Houston.

Ethan received a pair of shoes for Christmas. The mail man delivered them as we were driving to church. When we got home and he opened them, we asked, "Ethan, what do you say?" To which he replied, "Thank you Mailman!"

Tristan Godwin, a good friend of Niko's from California! Niko has visited Tristan a few times and they share a passion for tricking and parkour.

Teeth growing in!

After we loaded the moving van, Grandma Smith's car key was no where to be found. We drove to St. George to get another one and drove to Vegas to pick up the car the next day. 
After unloading the moving truck in Utah, it was found on the floor, it must have been one of the last things loaded. Anna said she threw the key in a box, it must have been a laundry basket, thrown into the moving van last minute to hold some vacant space.

A flyer the boys created to promote their parkour classes.

Niko's Signature

Ella loves her dolls.

Roman went shopping for church shoes..... 
Look at what he found! (If you can't tell, they have cleats.)

Niko's made many friends in his short time in Bluffdale. We moved into the neighborhood in January. He had a parkour competition the first weekend, and met a bunch of friends. Happy 14th Niko!

 Xander would not take a picture by himself when he was little, he must have been about 16 months old. He was so attached and not at all independent. Today he's not at all attached and completely independent. I'm not sure which is better.

Hiking In St. George