Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anna Loves McKee Ranch

We spent an evening at McKee Ranch where the kids fed and rode horses, chased bunnies, fed pigs and ducks and got REALLY DIRTY!

Malibu Leo Carillo Beach Camping 2017

2nd Annual Trip was another memory filled event. The Big boys spent most of their time hanging out with Tristan, a parkour friend for Malibu. They visited Monarx, JAM and lots of beach tricks.

The Littles spent every day at Zuma Beach playing in the sand. Kelly Erickson and her kids joined us, the Wells, Pond and lot of other home-school friends came too.


Our kids LOVE (that might be and understatement) having Coco (Nate's husky dog) at our house. She moves in for a few months at a time. And then moves back in with Nate, and then back in with us.

Learning to Appreciate Each Other's Talents

This quote is taped to our fridge.... who knows for how long!

Ethan, Still Sucking his Thumb

Park Time

Tell the kids to go and make their own park and Voila! Looks fun!

Cool Ethan

Ethan's Birthday - 4 years old


Our kids always love to dress up- this time its actually Halloween.


Amy attended several births (about 70 to date) this year as a part of her apprenticeship with April Kermani who is a CNM and has a thriving midwifery practice here in town. These two births were the first she managed solo.


Light of Liberty Commonwealth

Our family joined the Light of Liberty Commonwealth this year. Niko was crowned King! for completing several requirements of the Shakespeare Project.

Temple Trips with Friends

Niko went to the temple with several homeschooling friends this year. One of the benefits of homeschooling.

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year we served the refugees. Had a snowball fight and enjoyed time at home.
Stan took the kids to Provo to visit with Stan's parents and cousins around New Year's.

Refugee Service
In 2015-2017 our family served many refugees in Las Vegas. We coordinated Christmas for many refugee families. Theogene and Rose joined the church and now several others joined and are attending. It is such a blessing and Theo and Rose are very hardworking.
Xander and his friends Carter Houston and Alex Davis.

Xander and Niko competed in several competitions this year. We went to Firestorm Freeruning in Orange County where Xander and Niko competed against each other for the final elimination placement. Xander ended up 2nd place, Niko 4th place.

Xander won 1st place at the HKP competition in several categories of competition, Niko also placed. and Xander won 1st place at WFPF.

Xander got his Eagle Award in October 2016. Here is a selfie at his Court of Honor Ceremony.
American Preparatory Academy Fall 2016

Xander attended APA for a short while this year. It was a challenge, to say the least. Xander loved getting out of the house - but didn't like the homework.... enough said.

Del Webb Scout Camp 2016

Xander was a counselor at scout camp for 6 weeks this summer. Xander's patience lasted 4 weeks with a trying roommate named Ethan. After too much sun and the same food week after week, I think Xander was glad to be home.

Team Detour

Team Detour 2016-2017

Xander and Niko joined Team Detour this year. They performed tricking and parkour around town.

Team Detour Cali Trip

Niko and Xander took a spring break trip to California with their best Parkour buddies. They tricked out at Tempest Freerunning Academy, Monarxs Santa Monica beach and Venice Beach, got kicked out of the mall and had a blast all around.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ella's Curls

Ella loves to have her hair curled for Sunday, so sometimes on Saturday night we twisted up and let it dry.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Malibu beach trip- Finally!

For the past several years several homeschool family friends have gone to Malibu, California camping and enjoying a couple days on the beach.

Every year we have missed it because we've been on other trips... bit this year we made it!

The kids had a blast, of course. They played and played with a bunch of friends. No fights, no drama, just nature and fun!